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Monthly Archives: April 2020

    Housing muscle boosts the economy

    By Edward Robertson | April 30, 2020

    Why the Housing Market Is a Powerful Economic Driver With businesses starting to slowly open back up again in some parts of the country, it’s important to understand how housing can have a major impact on the recovery of the U.S. economy. As we’ve mentioned before, buying a home is a driving financial force in... Read More

    6 Your Eyes and Toilet: 6 ways to unclog your toilet without the plumber’s crack

    By Edward Robertson | April 29, 2020

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    Read this if you’re curious about COVID-19 and your home’s value

    By Edward Robertson | April 27, 2020

    What Impact Might COVID-19 Have on Home Values? A big challenge facing the housing industry is determining what impact the current pandemic may have on home values. Some buyers are hoping for major price reductions because the health crisis is straining the economy. The price of any item, however, is determined by supply and demand,... Read More

    Think home prices will drop? Think again.

    By Edward Robertson | April 25, 2020

    Today’s Expert Insight on the Housing Market [INFOGRAPHIC] Some Highlights According to Lawrence Yun, Chief Economist at NAR, home prices are forecasted to rise. Results from the Existing Home Sales Report note that home sales declined in March due to the coronavirus, but prices are still strong. Let’s connect so you can better understand your... Read More

    CT Castle is this week’s most popular home on

    By Edward Robertson | April 24, 2020

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    Save the Centipedes!

    By Edward Robertson | April 22, 2020

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    Unemployment? Fast in – Fast out

    By Edward Robertson | April 20, 2020

    The Pain of Unemployment: It Will Be Deep, But Not for Long There are two crises in this country right now: a health crisis that has forced everyone into their homes and a financial crisis caused by our inability to move around as we normally would. Over 20 million people in the U.S. became instantly... Read More’s most popular home of the week

    By Edward Robertson | April 17, 2020

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    Data says housing is fine

    By Edward Robertson | April 15, 2020

    Think This Is a Housing Crisis? Think Again. With all of the unanswered questions caused by COVID-19 and the economic slowdown we’re experiencing across the country today, many are asking if the housing market is in trouble. For those who remember 2008, it’s logical to ask that question. Many of us experienced financial hardships, lost... Read More

    Need to sell during lockdown? Read this

    By Edward Robertson | April 14, 2020

    What If I Need to Sell My Home Now? What Can I Do? Every day that passes, people have a need to buy and sell homes. That doesn’t stop during the current pandemic. If you’ve had a major life change recently, whether with your job or your family situation, you may be in a position... Read More