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Home with the Harrisons: Superbowl Sunday

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Superbowl Sunday is not the same party this year as its been in the past but we’re still going to enjoy it.  Our kids are at the age where they now enjoy sitting down to watch a sports game and they don’t have school Monday making for a double win for them!  Our game day snacks will include our traditional favorite….nachos.  As a mom I love nachos because it gets meat, cheese, hidden veggies and even things they normally wouldn’t eat like beans in there, but they think they’re just having chips for dinner.  Best thing out there and a treat for all of us.


Click there to get the nacho recipe we always turn to.  We tend to add our own twist to it everytime. For example, sometimes we throw some barbecue sauce very lightly on the meat and sometimes I mix up the tortilla chips with pita chips to give it a little different texture.  We’ll be sure to share our nacho recipe of on our Facebook page on Sunday…will you?!


Want to be sure that you have the party house for next year’s Superbowl party?!  Get your search started here!

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