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Hump Day Love: Team vs. Time, Berlin

We’ve become addicted… escape rooms that is.  For the second time, we went to Team vs. Time in Berlin.  The first time with a group of 6 for Jason’s Birthday and the second time with a group of 4 as a fun night out.  We’ve gone in twice and beat the time twice….first time by a hairline and the second time with some time to spare.

After our successful challenge!

My favorite part about escape nights is that they challenge you to work with people.  Either you don’t really know people that well so you’re getting to know them and the way they operate, which makes an escape room a great way to see how their brain works; or you know them well and you almost have to challenge your normal relationships to be able to complete the task.

Plus, they’re only an hour.  So its one hour of fun that sets the night off right and can be followed with food and drinks at a local restaurant.  We’ve done escape rooms before and after dinner and we recommend before because you can then relax through dinner rather than worry about leaving to get to the room for a certain time.

Both of the rooms we did at Team vs. Time were very different and very unique.  Hard in their each individual way.  We’re finding that the more we do them, the better we get so we’ll definitely keep doing more and keep trying to break our times!

So, for your next night out take a look at Team vs. Time and challenge yourselves and your team to beat the room and its time!

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