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Tip Tuesday: Don’t Forget Your Walkways!

Your walkways and stairs are about to get a lot of attention!  They will see ice, snow and water and then be shoveled, snow blowed, and have de-icing salt poured on them.  But what’s important is that they get proper attention now to be prepared for all of that weather later!

  • Repair cracks.
  • Level out uneven walkways.
  • Secure stairs that may be loose.
  • Ensure railings are secured and sturdy.
  • Purchase all of your necessary tools in terms of de-icing, warming mats, shovels and more for the snow and ice now!


Paying attention to your walkways and outdoor cases now will ensure that when that ice, snow, water, shoveling, snow-blowing and de-icing hits then they’ll handle it effectively and keep you, your family and your guests safe!

Need referrals for someone to help you with these tasks?  Contact Harrison Real Estate.  We’re always here to give you the service you deserve from a team you can trust!

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