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Tip Tuesday: Forget the Ice, Think Spring

Think Spring!

Forget the ice outside your window….and your car….and on your roof…and the driveway….oh, just forget it all.

Instead, think SPRING!  Think green grass, sunny skies, purple tulips (my favorite), and….Spring real estate!

There’s no lie that Spring is the hottest real estate market.  So if you’re looking to hop into that market then you want to prep now because it’s less than 2 months away!

To be competitive in the Spring real estate market, in the next 2 months, as a Seller, you need to:

  • Interview agents:  Not every agent is a good match for everyone.  Interview agents that fit your working style and your expectations for how you expect them to work on selling your home and communicating with you.  Get a difference in opinions in what your home would be worth and see if it varies.  Get a free home evaluation on our website right now.
  • Get your home ready:  Your agent should be helpful in getting you prepped to list your home.  Harrison Real Estate will walk through your home and give you some bullet points to help you in prepping your home for the hottest real estate market.  As a Seller, while this market can reap you great benefits, you will also have the most competition in this market so you must be ready and stand out.  Some basic points that everyone can use are to declutter your closets and cabinets, touch up paint, clean floors and steam carpets, clean up the outside of the home (gutters, landscaping, any ripped window screens replaced, cleaned chimney, etc).
  • List Timeline:  To be competitive in the Spring market, you should be aiming to list your home no later than mid-March.  Contact us today to start getting prepped!

To be competitive in the Spring real estate market in the next 2 months, as a Buyer, you need to:

  • Interview agents:  What do you expect your agent to do for you?  How quickly do you expect them to be available to see a home?  What type of knowledge do you want them to have?  How do they communicate?  A home purchase is the largest purchase of your life.  You need to be confident in the person that you’re working with and be able to have open communication as well as trust their guidance.  Did you know that traditionally buyers’ agents are paid for by the seller?!  This means that you get guidance and expertise at no cost to you!  We recommend buyer’s consultation appointments and would be happy to schedule a complimentary one with you today!
  • Get pre-approved:  You want to know what you can afford and how high you’re willing to go.  Yes, the Spring market brings the largest selection of houses, but it also brings the largest competition in terms of amount of buyers.   If you’re putting a bid in on a multiple offer home, you need to be sure how aggressive you can be.
  • Know your wants and needs:  It’s always a good idea to hire your agent and start looking at homes now.  That way you can really determine what your true needs, wants and must haves are so that when you find that true “dream home” you can quickly make a decision and put that offer in rather than wait a few days and risk losing that home.  Start searching for your home here today!

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