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Tip Tuesday: Have a Consultation

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Before you buy or sell, you should talk to potential Realtors.

As a Seller, your goal is to evaluate the market.  Have a professional give you a CMA (comparative market analysis) as well as tips on what you can do to increase your home value and sell faster.  For this reason, it’s important to have a meeting with a Realtor a few months prior to when you’d like to list your home to have time to do any necessary repairs/upgrades.  Remember, peak Real Estate seasons are April and October so get your home ready to list prior to that.

As a Buyer, your goal is to determine what the process is.  Whether this is your first home, second home, vacation home or retirement home, the process is going to slightly alter every time.  Meet with a Realtor to determine what the best strategy is to buying your next home.  In particular, if you also have to sell a home you’ll want to determine how to juggle both of those things at the same time and the challenges associated with that.  Also, if you’re a first time homeowner, the process can be overwhelming.  The more knowledge you can equip yourself with prior to beginning the entire journey, the more at ease and comfortable you’ll feel with purchasing your first home.

But, what else?  Why else meet with a Realtor prior to officially hiring them?

There are 3 main points that you want to touch on when meeting with a Realtor to determine if they are a good fit for you:

  • Connections: Do they have good recommendations for lenders?  Can they connect you to someone to get a preapproval? Do they know quality inspectors?  If work needs to be done on your home, can they recommend reliable, professional contractors?  Will they get your home professionally photographed?  Can they create a website for your home and a text for information number (95% of people text at least once a day so this is a great feature to have when selling your home because it gets information to people fast in a way they enjoy!)?
  • Knowledge and Experience: How long has the Realtor(s) been working in the field?  Is this their full-time or part-time job?  Are they a Broker or Realtor?  What other knowledge, certifications and experience can they offer that stand out amongst the rest?
  • Selling vs. Consulting:  Is the Realtor selling you or consulting you?  A sales person will push.  A consultant will help equip you with the right information and tools to be confident in your decision making.  Is someone just trying to make a sale or looking out for your best interest?  A great way to figure this out upon first meeting is to ask for testimonials and referrals.
  • Communication and Reliability: Finally, do they have a pledge of service agreement?  How fast do they commit to responding to you and will they adapt to your communication style.  For example, if you prefer phone calls over texts or emails, can they commit to that?   Finally, how reliable are they for confirming showings on your home and confirming showings on homes you want to see?  In this market, seeing homes fast is key.  Can they be available for your schedule?  If you can only see homes on Sundays, are they able to do that?

At Harrison Realty Team, we can assure your that we’ll meet your every need!  Contact us today for your complimentary Buyer and/or Seller consultation.


Don’t forget Buyers….using a Realtor is free of charge!  In almost all cases, using Realtor fees are paid by Sellers.  Get the service you deserve from a team you can trust….Harrison Realty Team!

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