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Tip Tuesday: Make a Switch

Photo Credit: Coldwell Bnaker

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks….but can you give an old room a new purpose?  My biggest advice to people when purchasing a home is to understand that your home will grow with you. It will serve different purposes.  Maybe the kids can share rooms while they’re younger and you can use the spare room as an office, but when they’re older they may want their own rooms and you’ll move your office to the sitting room?  The point is that if your home doesn’t feel like it’s currently fitting you; it might not be the home but just the way you’re using the rooms.  Don’t be afraid to swap out rooms!

Coldwell Banker can help you make an old home feel new with a few tips on how to do a room switch-a-roo here!

Find your future home that will grow with you here!


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