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Tip Tuesday: Make Outdoor Space Last Longer

This year more than ever we’re looking to hang onto that outdoor space as the weather gets colder.  But, how can you do it without building structures?

Friends and I with blankets, fire, wine and laughs!

3 easy, affordable ways!

  1. Fire Pits & Heat Lamps: Utilize firepits and heatlamps to bring heat to your outdoors.
  2. Add Blankets:  Put the patio umbrellas away but add in plush blankets so that you and your guests can cuddle up in them.
  3. All Weather Rugs:  Rugs not only add nice pops of color, but a layer under your feet for extra warmth.

Thinking you need a home with more outdoor space than you currently have?  Let Harrison Real Estate give you the service you deserve from the team you can trust!

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