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Tip Tuesday: Make Small Improvements to Have a Large Impact: 5/5

A first impression is everything. When a prospective buyer sees the first picture of your home or drives into your driveway, there’s an immediate impression and “feeling” that they have.  Is it excitement?  Warmth?  Being impressed?  Or is it doubtful?  Skeptical?  Are they already creating a list of things that are wrong?  Your curb appeal and outside of your home is essential.

When we say curb-appeal, people can get overwhelmed or say “I’m not a gardener.”  Well, I’m not either.  But, there are small, affordable things you can do to make a large impact.  Even if you’re not thinking about selling, still do it.  That way if the time ever comes to sell, then you’re ready!

This is  the last week of our 5 part Tip Tuesday series in which we’ve shared small improvements to have a large impact.

Tip 5: Extend those gutters

Gutters.  They protect our homes and our roofs, but they can also cause issues; specifically, for our foundations.  There is an easy, affordable solution.  Gutter extenders.  Extender your gutters away from your foundation to protect your home from water, ice and snow damage.   A gutter without an extender will always turn up in a home inspection as well.  With the vast array of options you can turn the end of those gutters from rusty, eyesore, trouble traps into clean and efficient advantages to your home.




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Take the time now to make small improvements that have a big impact.  And as always, for any questions, turn to the team you can trust with the service you deserve at Harrison Real Estate.

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