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    Tip Tuesday: Make Space for a New Pet at Home

    Our pup loves any spot in our yard with sticks and shade!

    Getting a furry friend is always exciting and something Coldwell Banker takes deep to heart with its Homes for Dogs Project.  To ensure that the home is a happy, healthy and welcoming home for your new pet, some tweaks may be necessary.

    1. Kitchen: Get a pup proof trashcan!  There are too many foods that can prove dangerous for dogs so keeping them out of the trash is a number one goal!
    2. Toilet Bowls: Toilet bowl water is generally cleaned with chemicals that can be toxic to a pet.  Use the same toilet bowl locks that you would for a child.
    3. Living Room:  My dog loves nothing more than looking out the window and I personally, don’t mind him on the couch but it definitely takes a toll on the couch.  To preserve your furniture, set up an ottoman or bench that overlooks the window and can become your pets’ favorite spot!
    4. Outdoors: Be ready to give your pet exercise while also keeping them safe.  Debate if a fence of some sort is necessary.

    And if you decide that you and your pet need to move to a new home that fits you both perfectly, get the service you deserve from the team you can trust at Harrison Real Estate.

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