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Tip Tuesday: Not Eating Out? Make the Kitchen Count!

While CT is opening up more and more daily, eating out is still different than it used to be.  Do you find yourself ordering or cooking more but long for the experience of eating out?  We’ve got some tips on how to turn your kitchen into a simple dining out experience!

  1. Music: Add music while you’re cooking or eating.  Turn off the tv.  Turn off the phones.  Turn up the music!  Best part – you get to pick your favorite!
  2. Set the Table: Don’t just grab a plate out of the cabinet and plate your food but set the table first.  Placemats, fancy plates, wine glasses, pre-set utensils, candles, and transfer food from the pot to a serving table to the table…adding to the experience!
  3. Make it luxurious without the hassle:  Give a food delivery service like Hello Fresh a try.  They give you gourmet meals without the frustration of shopping for supplies and figuring out exactly how to do everything.
  4. Cook Together:  Don’t make it feel like its another night of the same person cooking.  Make it team effort.  Partners, families and friends all cook together in the kitchen.
  5. Dress the Part:  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good sweat-pant but dress up like you’d be going out.  Playing the part gets you in the right mindset.

Have some fun!  Transform the kitchen!  Looking for a new recipe?  We suggest trying this.  Then, browse these high-end kitchen designs that make anyone want to cook.  

As always, Harrison Real Estate will continue to be here to give you the service you deserve from the team you can trust!

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