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Tip Tuesday: Open Houses and You!

Spring sun!  Spring warmth!  Spring flowers!  Spring houses!  Spring open houses!  

‘Tis the season for weekends to be full of open houses to choose from.  But, the big question is, so what?  As a Buyer, what should you find out at an open house and as a Seller what should you expect from your open house?

Buyers: Our tip is that information such as renovations, how long the home has been on the market, price adjustments, etc is all available to you.  What your goal at the open house should be is to find out the information that’s not readily available.  a) Why are the sellers selling?  b) What are the average utility costs? c) What kind of timeline is the seller aiming for? d) What are the neighborhood pros and cons? e) Have there been many showings on the home and what has been the feedback?  Your intention should be to get as much information out of that listing agent as you can that will give you insider information on whether or not to make an offer and exactly how to craft your offer so that its appealing to the seller, but also protects you and gives you the best deal.

Sellers: Your top priority for an open house is to show it in its best light.  Obvious things such as remove pets from the home and de-clutter are all aspects you want to pay attention to, but its more than

that.  48 hours before your open house: wash all bedding and rugs, buff appliances and counters to a gleaming shine, sweep out the garage, and prime the outside (mow, mulch, plant newer flowers).  24 hours before your open house: open the windows to air out the house (don’t cook anything that will leave a staggering smell!) and give every room a once over.  The day of your open house: reward yourself.  Try to distract yourself with a fun lunch or day out.  Let your agent take on the day and market your home.  Then after your open house, you should expect your agent to give you information on how many attendees there were, feedback or questions they had and what their plan for follow up is.


Are you looking to attend open houses this weekend?  Take a look at our website for homes that are available in your desired area.

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