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Tip Tuesday: Organize Your Pantry

Whether your kitchen pantry is a walk-in room, closet or simple wall cabinet, the key to making it work most effectively is keeping it organized.  If you’re selling, organizing your storage spaces are essential to allowing you to keep “living” in your home while keeping it “show ready.”  As a buyer, you’ll be looking to see how much storage space is in the cabinets and this type of organization can help you truly see the cabinet’s sizes.

Now, the question is; what steps can be taken to organize your pantry?

  1. Clean: Take everything out, give the shelves a good wipe-down and start with a clean workspace.
  2. Take Inventory: What do you have multiples of?  What do you use constantly and what do you rarely use?  Can there be things that you combine? Get rid of things you’ll never use.
  3. Storage Solutions:  Decide what you’re going to use to store items.  Our recommendation is to use clear bins or mason jars; things you can see through.  That way there’s a uniformity, but also allows you to fully see everything that’s in your pantry.
  4. Put it all back: Put everything back in the pantry.  Put the things you don’t use much in the back and the things you most use in the front.  Try to find structure such as top shelf all baking item, middle shelf beans and rice, and bottom shelf snacks.  Whatever works for your personal style. Another recommendation is to label each shelf so you can remind yourself what items are in the back.

Continue to play around with it and change things as you see what’s working and what’s not.  Be proud to show off the inside of your pantry!


Looking for more tips?  Contact us!  With Harrison Real Estate, you’ll always get the service you deserve from the team you can trust!


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