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Tip Tuesday: Re-Thinking Your Garage

Garage or garage bar? You pick!

In this time where we’re seeking ways to stay indoors but still have our distance or give more space to our home, your garage may be the answer you’re seeking.  Here are 4 quick tips to help you in re-evaluating your garage space:

  1. Storage:  Is your garage a dumping space leaving you with no room to truly utilize it?  Use vertical space with shelving units to help take your storage off of the ground and onto the sides and walls.  That way, you’ll have the space in the center to utilize it how you see fit.
  2. Decorate Based on Purpose:  Home gym?  Arcade room?  Hang out space for the kids?  Whatever you want to utilize it for then decorate the space with that sole purpose in mind.
  3. Decorate for General Use: Maybe there’s no exact purpose to it but you would like the space as a general option for things.  New paint, new flooring and new lighting can not only ensure functionality in the long-run but has potential to boost your property value.
  4. Security: An updated garage deserves updated security.  If you’re putting electronics in it or using it at night then you’ll want to provide it with updated security for convenience and piece of mind.  A new garage door with sensors is a good place to start.

Re-thinking your garage space may seem overwhelming but with these few tips we hope it can be easier than it sounds and give you the space you’ve been desiring.

Interested in learning more about the value of homes in your market area with finished garage space?  Start with our website or contact us!  As always, Harrison Real Estate will give you the service you deserve from the team you can trust.

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