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Tip Tuesday: Thanksgiving Week and Home Buying

Thanksgiving week usually means stability for the housing market and rates. Thursday is a Federal holiday so all banks are closed and Friday the stocks close early by 12noon, leaving the market pretty much stable by Wednesday at noon.  What could move and change the rates really depends more on if there’s anything of substance happening in other countries and in particular anywhere in China or Europe.  What this also means is now is a great time to really focus on selling and buying.  Rates have been rising.  So with a stable week, it could mean a great time to find your home and lock in a valuable rate.  Finally, an average mortgage takes about 45 days from date of contract to date of closing.  If you have any chance of it moving faster, it’s this time of year. Why?  Because everyone wants to get it closed by the end of the year so you’ll see escalated closings.  This week is perhaps your last chance to secure a home and close by the end of the year.  Did you know that even if you close on December 31st you are entitled to all of the tax benefits for the year that come with purchasing a home?  Don’t let Black Friday be just about retail….make it about your future and shop for your home!


Interested in seeing homes this week/weekend?  Contact us!  Need a mortgage lender?  Contact us!  

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