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Tip Tuesday: The Difference In Selling vs. Consulting

We have a question for you… you know the difference between a salesperson and a consultant?

At Harrison Realty Team, we vow to take the consultant approach.  When we find you your dream home (because we believe that we will) we don’t want you losing it because you’re hesitating on making an offer because you’re not a confident and ready buyer.  Along the process we will educate you, advise you, and connect you to the right resources to be able to secure that dream home when we find it.

So, how do we do it?

  1. Educate: We take all of the information that you’re finding online and on the media and break it down from a national statistic that you’re seeing to your specific town/market place interest. We will provide with the information on your specific town/market place in terms of list price vs. sales price ratio, average amount of days homes spend on the market, the difference between a buyers market vs. sellers market, and get quick answers on any specific home that you’re interested in so that you’re not waiting on answers.
  2. Advise you: We want you to secure your dream home but we also want you to secure it at a fair, market value price.  We will go over what the fair market value of the home is, explain the negotiation process and tactics and then create a plan with you, and determine what other options could make your offer stronger.  Sometimes the smallest things could make the difference.
  3. Connect you:  Ensuring that you’re connected to other individuals in the field who are in your corner and protecting your rights and interests makes all the difference in your confidence in the purchase.  Lenders, home inspectors and attorneys are all essential in the process and should have your best interest at the forefront.  We’ll connect you to those people.
This happy couple could be you on your closing day!


So, are you ready to begin?  It’s 2 easy steps:

  1. Contact us: We would like to offer you a complimentary buyer’s consultation to talk more with you about this process and begin our consultation approach.  Contact us directly here.  You can also call us directly at 860-539-9076 or email us at
  2. Begin Searching: Our free website features every home actively on the market in CT and is always accurate and up-to-date.  Happy House Hunting!

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