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Tip Tuesday: Top 2 Reasons to Buy/Sell in the Fall

The leaves may start falling but CT real estate won’t!

Top 2 reasons to Buy/Sell Real Estate in CT in the Fall:

  1. Not the Spring Competition: Year after year April is rated the #1 month for real estate sales.  #2 is October.  This, of course, means that there’s still competition, but it’s not the same competition as the Spring.  There are less listings, less Buyers. What this means for Sellers is that their home has the potential to stick out more and not get lost in the mass of homes for sale in April.  What this means for Buyers is that they don’t have to compete with the same large pool of Buyers in the spring so they have a better chance of securing a home at a fair market value and not having to fight multiple offers for it.
  2. Eagerness: The anticipation of the holidays and December 31st is enough to push all parties to get the deal done.  By getting a contract in December, you are the most likely to have closed on the sale by the December holidays, which means new holiday traditions in a new home!  Plus, the sale can be done before the toughness of winter starts.  That in and of itself is a motivation because everyone hates moving in the winter! Finally, for Buyers, December 31 is a huge motivation.  As long as you close on your home by December 31st then you are entitled to all of the tax-deduction benefits that come with purchasing a home for that year.  As a Seller, that’s great news because you have eager Buyers who are truly serious about getting into their new home.  The average Fall buyer is not “just browsing” but needs to secure that home.


What do you say?  Are you ready for your Buyer and/or Seller complimentary consultation?  Contact us here!


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