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Tip Tuesday: What did COVID Teach in Terms of Home Viewing?

Lots of lessons were to be learned (and still are) as we navigate COVID.  But what did it teach us in terms of viewing homes?  It reminded us of things to consider while viewing a home that might have been considered previously but not necessarily weighed as heavily as now.

Here are our top 3 things that Covid taught us about viewing a home:


  1. Cell and Internet Service.  Prior to COVID not getting great cell and internet service may have been a nuisance, but during COVID with 2 parents and 2 kids now working at home, not being able to relay on good cell and internet service is detrimental.  Try making calls.  Check on how fast of service and whats available in the area.
  2. Room for expansion:  Can you finish the basement?  Is there a possibility to add on square footage?  Even though you think you have enough room, spending 6 months with the whole family working and learning inside may prove differently.  (and remember….we did it during the summer, not the winter!)
  3. Day Noise:  You figure that the home your buying may be in a noisy area during the week but that settles down at night and on the weekend so who cares?  Wrong.  Before that may have been fine but consider how you’ll like the traffic noise while you’re trying to work inside all day.  I have realized how much my dog really barks at absolutely everything!  See your home potential home at a time of day in which the noise matters the most to you.

Covid has and will continue to forever change the way we do a lot of things.  For example, my new question to potential home buyers is “Can you see yourself quarantined in here?”  If the answer is yes then in goes the offer!

Before, Covid, during Covid and after Covid, Harrison Real Estate will always be the team you deserve with the service you can trust!

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