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Tip Tuesday: What Do Your New Years Resolutions Include?

Believe it or not, January is only weeks away and with that on the horizon, it has us thinking…what should our New Years Resolutions be?  Well, if yours includes buying and/or selling a home then getting started NOW is a good idea.



Top 2 reasons to buy in the Winter:

  • Photo Credit: Ian Reid Vendor Advocates

    You see the home in its truest light:  Yes, perfectly landscaped yards and no snow on the roof make for a lovely picture, but what happens when there is snow on the roof?  Does it leak?  Does the home heat efficiently?  Do you feel a breeze coming in through the windows?  Do your neighbors shovel their sidewalks?  These are only a few of the things you’ll see in the Winter that you’ll never see if you buy in the Spring.

  • Interest Rates: Interest rates are on the rise.  If you want to lock-in a reasonable rate, don’t let today’s interest rates pass you.

Top 2 things to do RIGHT NOW to prepare to buy in the future:

  • Get pre-approved: Contact a mortgage lender.  Contact a few mortgage lenders.  See what programs are available to you.  See what their rates are.  Find out what you need for a down payment and what estimated closing costs will be.  Find out what you can afford!  That way you’re looking at homes that you can truly afford and know what you need to ask for in an offer (i.e. if you need closing costs assistance).
  • Do your homework:  Did you know that Harrison Real Estate offers complimentary buyers consultations?  We get to walk you through the whole process and you get to interview us.  Find a Realtor that works best with what you need from them!  Start seeing homes.  That way when the Spring market hits you know what you like, don’t like, what is truly a must have and what isn’t.  When the Spring market hits, sometimes hesitating even just 1 day may mean losing out on a house.  You want to be confident in you decision to purchase a home.  Find a Realtor and start browsing.  Want to get started browsing now?  Search here!



Top 2 reasons to sell in the Winter:

  • Less competition:  Your home has a lovely kitchen and a fantastic floor plan.  But so do the other 3 homes in your neighborhood that just listed in the same week as you.  That’s the tale in the Spring, but in the Winter, your home will stand out more.  The reality is that buyers buy 24/7 and especially in this market where rates are climbing, you’ll see more buyers.  List your home at a fair market value with a hard-working Realtor and your home should see success.
  • January means changes: January is a large time for change.  Many times people see raises in January, which means a pre-approval at a higher price so they’ll be ready to purchase.  According to, January is the largest month for corporate relocation so there are buyers out fiercely looking to buy a home before they have to start their new job.  Families often want to let the holidays pass so that they can maintain the holiday traditions for little ones, but then start on the hunt in January.  Or maybe its an older couple who wanted to spend one last Christmas in their family home before they move on and downsize.  January often means change and newness. People are excited and anxious to accomplish those steps so that they can then get settled in.

Top 2 things to do RIGHT NOW to prepare to sell in the future:

  • Find a Realtor:  Harrison Real Estate would love to meet with you and offer you a complimentary market analysis to let you know where your home would stand on the market and what you can do to either make it stand out more and sell faster or sell at a higher price.  Finding a Realtor now will give you time to make those changes/upgrades that they suggest.  What to find out your estimated property valuation right now?  Click here!
  • Make a “hunnie-do” list:  Do the baseboards need to be repainted?  Does that 2nd floor leaky faucet need to be fixed?  Should the boiler be serviced?  Should you pack up the basement to make it look as spacious and clean as possible?  Get started on and tackle that checklist of items so that you’re ready to list for the Spring.  Also, Contractors are, historically, less busy in the Winter so you’ll have more options in terms of who to hire to get jobs done.  Getting these things done now is important because in order to truly be competitive for the Spring market, we recommend a mid-March listing.


Whether the Winter means buying/selling or preparing to buy/sell, getting started on your tasks now is a great idea!  And as always, get the service you deserve from the team you can trust at Harrison Real Estate!

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