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Tip Tuesday: Your Chimney & Fireplace Maintenance

Santa isn’t the only one who relies on your chimney and fireplace being clean and properly functioning!  Your chimney’s cleanliness and efficiency matters as the weather becomes colder and your heat starts working harder.

Here are a few tips to prepare your chimney and fireplace for the winter:

Schedule a chimney cleaning: According to most codes, chimneys should be cleaned or inspected on an annual basis.  Even if they look fine, there may be internal damage that you can’t see.

Inspect Chimney Masonry & Mortar:  If built correctly, the chimney masonry should stand strong for many, many years, but the mortar is not as durable.  Freezing and thawing cycles can damage the mortar and if that becomes cracked and flaking then moisture gets into the chimney system.  That could then create cracks in the masonry.  Waterproofing may be a good option for your chimney.  It allows the masonry to breathe but keeps out the damage from moisture.

Inspect and/or replace chimney liner: Liners deteriorate and flues can become cracked.  Combustible parts of the home then become exposed to extreme heat and can catch fire.  When you have the chimney cleaned, be sure to also have the liner and flue inspected.

Repair Chimney Flashing: Before snow and ice hit your roof, be sure that the chimney flashing is protecting your roof.  Flashing is highly susceptible to deterioration caused by excess water and out of anything, the flashing will be the item that needs repairs and replacements the most often.

Landing around fireplace:  Be sure to have your mason/chimney expert check to see if the landing expanding from your fireplace is to code.  There needs to be a certain clearance before hitting your regular flooring.  This will help to prevent any fires.

Install a chimney cap:  We’re not the only ones seeking to move indoors as it becomes cold.  Critters and pests are looking for warm places as well!  Install a chimney cap to prevent them from entering.  It will also cut down on the moisture from snow, ice and water entering the chimney.

Have firewood ready:  Don’t wait until the week the temperature is set to drop or the week its set to snow to get your firewood.  Have it ready now.

In need of a chimney specialist?  Contact us here and we’ll send you over our professional referrals!


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