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Tip Tuesdsay: Downsizing

We have your tips for how to downsize!

The home everyone wants is a spacious ranch with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a 2 car garage, decent yard, full basement, laundry upstairs and central air….all updated.  This home is especially demanded by those who have reached a different milestone in their lives.  The milestone where the kids have truly grown up and moved out and the 3000 sq. ft. colonial is no longer necessary.  However, the number one thing we’ve learned

from everyone reaching that milestone in their life is that they always say “I want to downsize” and to some degree that’s true, but what they truly want is one level living.  The question is; can you really downsize?

Here’s our tip…you can!  But you definitely need to take some steps to do it:

  1. Plan ahead.  Talk to your kids and family about your need to downsize.  Plan time for them to come over and go through the home with you so that they can take claim to any momentos that they may want before you get rid of them.  That way, you get help and you avoid any potential hurt feelings.
  2. Go through every box.  How many boxes are in your basement and attic that you haven’t opened in a few years?  Open all of them.  Determine what’s truly necessary and
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    what’s not.

  3. Digitize.  Scan in paperwork, photos, videos.  Bring everything into the digital age so that way you can dispose of the boxes and boxes of old paperwork, photographs and videos.  Our personal favorite idea is to turn the old photographs into a coffee table book so that they aren’t just sitting on a computer unlooked at (even though they were in boxes unlooked at).
  4. Start with Big Furniture.  You won’t need all of the big furniture you have in your current home in your new home.  Call Goodwill, donate to Big Brothers Big Sisters, etc.  Not only will this help with your personal move, but it will help make your home look bigger and thus, help sell quicker.
  5. Then go to closets.  If there are things in boxes you haven’t seen in years, we know there are things in closets you haven’t looked at or work in years.  Go through every closet and live by the 1 year rule…if you haven’t needed it or used it in the past year, find it a new home.  This is yet another way to begin downsizing and also help prepare your home for sale as it makes closets look more spacious.  Who doesn’t love great closet space?!
  6. Determine your lifestyle.  If you’re used to hosting Thanksgiving dinner for a large, growing family then you’ll need to determine if that’s something you want to give up or not.  If it’s not, then know that a large dining space is essential in your new home search. How many bedrooms are truly necessary?  Bathrooms?  Do you want 2 living spaces?  How about a space for the grandchildren when they come over?  Do you want a neighborhood to walk your dog in?  All of these are questions to consider and will help you find that next phase of your life home.  Knowing your lifestyle will help you fall in love with a home that truly fits it.
  7. Downsizing isn’t about a condo.  Many people will come to us and tell us that they want to go from that 3,000sq.ft. colonial to a condo because they’re sick of the yard work.  However, can you truly go from an abundance of yard work to no yard work?  In our experience, its something that people end up missing.  Someone can always be hired for the same amount as an HOA fee to plow your driveway, shovel your walk and cut your grass.  But can you truly give up landscaping, planting and gardening?  If you can, then a condo may soothe your needs but if not, find your next home and plan for maintenance factors in tough weather.

The only question that remains is, are you ready?  Start searching for that next phase of your life home here!  And as always, remember to get the service you deserve from the team you can trust at Harrison Realty Team!

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